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  • We are very knowledgeable with all the local rules and procedures.
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    San Diego We can help you stay in your home if you are the subject of an eviction action.
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  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles We are very knowledgeable with all the local rules and procedures.
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Why StopEviction.org

Have You Lost Your Home in Foreclosure?

Are You Facing A Foreclosure Eviction?

Do You Need Additional Time?


We Can Help You for so Much Less!

Stay in your home

We can arrange for you to stay in your home for up to six months and save you money while you find a new place to live.

If your property has been sold and you have received a California Eviction Notice and you have said to yourself:

  • I lost my home
  • I can’t move
  • I need more time
  • I want to stay in my home
  • I need money to move

Then we can get you up to 6 months to stay in your home before you have to move. We can even negotiate a cash for keys offer to provide you money to move. We aggressively help you fight the eviction process using all legal means possible for a LOW FLAT FEE!

We are experts in California eviction law and will protect your rights and make sure you understand your rights. We keep you informed and in the loop all along the way. You are never in the dark as the process unfolds. We offer seasoned experts and provide dependable service at a very affordable price. You will have up to 6 months to get back on track, save money and find a new place to live.

We guarantee we can get you more time!

If you are in the process of foreclosure and need to know where you stand with your property, contact us and we will let you know for free! We will give you a Free consultation and let you know the status of your property foreclosure.

Consider working with the experts in foreclosure evictions, while losing your house can be a very emotional and stressful time on the family, having to move quickly just adds additional stress to an already difficult period in your life.

After a foreclosure sale the former homeowner is ONLY entitled to a 3 Day Notice to Quit prior to an Unlawful Detainer (Eviction Procedure) being filed in court and served. Not a lot of time to make plans to find a new place to live.

Call us for a FREE and confidential evaluation of your specific situation

Call us for a free confidential evaluation of your specific situation.
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Stop Evictions

Even if you have received a Unlawful Detainer it doesn't mean you have to move. There are many actions you can take to stay in your home.

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In Foreclosure

Foreclosures are still a major factor today. Doing everything possible to keep your home simply makes sense since the recession is still not over.

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Eviction Resources

We provide relevant State and Federal laws to better inform you about the process so you have a better understanding of what you need to focus on.

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Credit Repair

Removing Derogatory items and cleaning up your credit is possible if you have a little patience and work with a competent company.

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