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Eviction Timeline

We stop evictions for people in California who are experiencing the effects of having lost their homes and are now finding the necessity of having to deal with an unlawful detainer action. We assist in fighting the court action and in preparing all the necessary documents that are needed to properly stop or delay a pending eviction action.  Many of the legal moves that are taken can best be described as actions or reactions depending on what the plaintiff files in court or based on each particular situation that is presented in the court process.

The standard eviction timeline of an unlawful detainer is as follows:

  • New owner decides to evict the former owner from the property
  • A Notice to Vacate is served on the former owner
  • After 3 days the  new owner can file in court an unlawful detainer action who is now known as the Plaintiff
  • The service of the complaint is served on the former owner occupying the property who is now known as the Defendant
  • The defendant is granted 5 days in which to “respond” in court.
  • If the defendant files an answer to the complaint the plaintiff can file a Memorandum to Set Case for Trial
  • The unlawful detainer trial is scheduled by statute for no more than 20 days in the future
  • The day of the unlawful detainer trial if the plaintiff wins the court will issue a Writ of Possession
  • The writ of possession is delivered to the Sheriff’s office who then posts the property with a 5 Day Notice to Vacate
  • If the defendant does not move within the 5 day period the Sheriff will come back and give the defendant 5 minutes in which to leave.
  • The locks to the property are then changed and occupancy to the property is turned over to the Plaintiff.

It is at this point the former owner who had been living in the property is locked out and must find a new place to move to and live.

What we do is assist in the preparation of court documents and overseeing the entire unlawful detainer process.  The process can be extended greatly by not filing an answer in the 5 day response period but to respond with motions and petition the court in an offensive manner to fight with all legal means possible.  We help you delay the eviction.

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